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Me, a month before the stage 3 colon cancer was detected. Deceptically healthy looking,

Early August’s news that I had colon cancer kind of rocked my world a tad. For several days I struggled with the feeling that I shouldn’t bother to blog. I was worried about how I would feel and whether anyone even cared if I blogged or not. It didn’t seem to be that important in the grand scheme of things but after the first week of treatment, I realized something. That was . . . whether or not anyone reads my blog not, I really missed it. I like looking for things to share with others. I like the writing aspect. I have decided that while I might not post as often as I have in the past while I am on my journey to “good health” I am going to try and keep up the blog.

I’m asking those who read this to be patient with me over the next few months as I work my way through this challenging time.

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Whenever I am feeling like I should just stop writing, I come across something like this that renews my desire to write. It is nice to know that even the great writers have those times when it didn’t come easy. This appeared on Verlakay’s site and was posted by Stephanie Theban. Thanks Stephanie for sharing this.

I heard Phyllis Reynolds Naylor speak today.  She said that she used to say she had received a thousand rejections, and then she felt bad about it because she didn’t know if it was true.  She had her secretary go back and count them.  there were actually over 10,000. 

Ten thousand rejections.  She read a series from one editor who said things like, you don’t understand how to construct a story, I hate to see you spend so much energy on stories that won’t work, you can keep sending stories to me, but I won’t publish any of them until you learn something about story.

And as she said, a lot of acceptances.

It was a great reminder to perservere.


Stephanie Theban aka Leeth

  • Stories for Children Magazine is reopening!‏

  •  Virginia Grenier Stories for Children Publishing

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    Hi Everyone,

    Boy have I missed working with all of you and putting out each issue of Stories for Children Magazine. I am really excited to say the day is getting closer when Stories for Children Magazine will reopen its doors to submissions.

    Right now, I’m looking for people interested in joining the SFC Team. This is a totally volunteer job currently, however, I am always looking into ways Stories for Children Magazine can become a paying market and job for those behind the scenes. There are also some changes to the publications. Instead of 12 issues a year, Stories for Children Magazine will only be putting out 9 issues a year. Also, the articles in the magazine have been cut back from 9 per issue to 6 per issue. I am also breaking up the Fiction and Poetry departments into their own departments to help with the workload of these two categories.

    The positions open are as follows:
    Poetry Editor
    Assistant Poetry Editor
    Assistant Fiction Editor
    Assistant Nonfiction Editor
    Youth & Activities Editor
    Blog Editor
    Interviewer (2)
    Marketing Manager
    Proofreader (3)
    Book Reviewer (2)
    Educational Writer (2)
    Art Director

    If you are interested in joining the SFC Team, please send me an email at Include in your email your writing resume, any publications, what position you would like to work in, and your contact information.  Note: this is a volunteer job. Stories for Children Publishing, LLC is currently a non-paying market in all its divisions.

    I look forward to the reopening of Stories for Children Magazine and working with all of you again. Your talents and contributions to the magazine have made us what we are.

    Thanks to Kathy Temean for pointing out this talented illustrator.

    I’ve been very lazy about posting on here so am asking for forgiveness. I’m embarking on a journey that has rocked my world. Writing has been in the form of a journal, not my usual way of writing, but it is proving to be something I need to do.

    On August 3, 2010, I got up like any other morning and crawled out of bed. The chronic pain had reared its ugly presence. My entire body ached. It hurt to get dressed and have the clothing lay on my skin but life was still good. I was alive and kicking, so I powered through it.

    I knew I had to get moving. My doctor’s appointment was in an hour. While I fussing with getting dressed, I could barely think. My gut said this appt was going to be rough. Over the years my gut has  been right more than wrong so I have learned to take heed when it tells me something. I dreaded this appt.  Something drastic was going on with my body. New and different symptoms had me questioning what was happening.

    Changes in bodily functions that had been consistent signaled something had changed.

    The end result was a diagnosis of colon-rectal cancer, stage 3. Talk about getting a wake-up call. No one in my family has ever had colon cancer. Breast cancer and skin cancer yes, but not colon cancer.

    Trying to wrap my head around this and do all the necessary scheduling has been a pain. I was going to say in the a** but have been told I am making too many wisea** cracks right now.  It’s my way of keeping myself laughing as I am determined to laugh my way through this and into a life of health.

    As a writer finding ways to build your list of “writing credits” while you hone your craft can be a challenge. Smories is one of the ways a writer can do this.

    Here is the newsletter I received recently regarding an update to their policies.

    Lots of new developments with smories:

    [1] We have relaunched the site, now with a search filter and keyword search on the homepage. The aim is to make it easier for you to find the smories you want. There are currently 165 smories up there. See

    [2] From now on, a new smory will be added to the site EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    [3] From the homepage you can sign up for our daily alert, i.e. if you add your details, you will be sent a very short, linked description of the daily smory. Pick-and-choose the ones you want to watch.

    [4] We have added a “submit a filmed smory” tool. This lets you submit your own film, which will be hosted privately on the site. e.g. students can narrate their own stories, and we can host them in a secure environment on the smories site. The link is This is going to be significantly expanded in coming months as a literacy tool, allowing teachers to build their own smories micro-sites, in a safe, secure environment.

    [5] From now on, all new smories will have “read-along” subtitles.

    [6] If you’re an author, please do keep sending us your writing. You’ll retain all rights and with the dailies, we now have a constant need for great new smories.

    [7] If you submitted a smory in July, we’ll let you know in the next few days whether it has been selected for filming.

    [8] If your smory is already on the site, or if we have accepted one for filming, by all means send us your bio and photo for your author page.

    As ever, please give us your feedback. The site is developing super-fast and we very much appreciate hearing your thoughts.

    Best wishes,

    – Ralph & Lisa

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    “I don’t know much about creative writing programs. But they’re not telling the truth if they don’t teach, one, that writing is hard work, and, two, that you have to give up a great deal of life, your personal life, to be a writer.” –Doris Lessing

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    Hey Book Bugz!

    Summer is a time for books, books and more books! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been able to get in hours and hours of reading time, which is great since my to-be-read list is a little out of control. I’m a firm believer that every writer should read. If you’re having a tough time picking up that laptop when the sun’s beating down and the kids are home from school, make time to read. Because many writers have said that reading counts as writing time!

    I just read a fascinating post by author Lisa Schroeder at The Crowe’s Nest. Like Lisa, I’d love to further my education in creative writing, but of course it’s just not in the cards for many reasons. But there’s nothing like learning the old fashioned way. As Lisa says, “That is by writing a lot. And reading a lot.”

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    I am an aspiring picturebook writer with some magazine credits just no picture book contract yet. I know it is coming and I am more than willing to work for it.

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