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I really wanted to write today but friends over for a cookout stayed longer than I thought they would. Now I am so tired from four days of chronic pain. Hopefully will be back on track tomorrow.


If You Give Fans Some Cheer

This article originally appeared in PW’s Children’s Bookshelf. Sign up now!

By Claire Kirch — Publishers Weekly, 8/27/2009 12:30:00 PM

Laura Numeroff, author of the bestselling If You Give… series, is trying to spread some cheer during these challenging times by bringing people together—publishers, as well as parents and their children. On September 13, Numeroff, whose latest releases are Would I Trade My Parents? (Abrams) and What Brothers Do Best/What Sisters Do Best (Chronicle), is embarking on “Laura Numeroff’s Bringing Families Together Tour.” Abrams and Chronicle are teaming up to send Numeroff to primarily independent bookstores in two economically stressed Midwestern states: Michigan, which, with a 15% unemployment rate and an already fragile economy, has been devastated by the recession; and Wisconsin, which has also been hit hard during the economic downturn, with its 9% unemployment rate ranking it #29 among the states and D.C. in terms of economic stability, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

The tour will kick off at the Oak Park Jewish Center in suburban Detroit, with books sold there by local bookseller Book Beat. The Michigan leg of the tour will include five more stops over four days at some of the state’s most renowned bookstores, including the original Borders bookstore in Ann Arbor, two Schulers’ bookstores in Okemos and Grand Rapids, Horizon Books in Traverse City, and McLean & Eakin in Petoskey, a resort town in northern Michigan. Numeroff will then travel west to Wisconsin, and spend three days visiting six bookstores and one college library in the southeastern, more heavily populated part of the state: Butterfly Books in De Pere, Apple Blossom books in Oshkosh, Barnes & Noble in Madison, Books & Co. in Oconomowoc, Next Chapter in Mequon, Boswell Book Co. in Milwaukee, and Carthage College in Kenosha. The “Bringing Families Together” tour will conclude on September 21, with an appearance at Wonderland Books in Rockford, Ill., yet another state reeling economically, this one with a 10.4% unemployment rate, ranking it #38 on the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s list.

In keeping with the theme of the tour, and, of course, the themes of her two fall releases, Numeroff intends to talk about her own family, hand out family-themed activity sheets, and ask the audience about their own parents, brothers and sisters. “I want this tour to be different,” Numeroff says of her tour, which will take her to a region often overlooked on the children’s author tour circuit. “Bringing some good old-fashioned fun in the form of readings and talks to Michigan and Wisconsin feels good.”

When asked if sending an author to an economically depressed region to promote her new releases might prove awkward for financially strapped parents attending events but not able to purchase books for their children, Jason Wells, Abrams’s publicity and marketing director, emphasized it’s not just about selling books for either the author or the publishers, it’s about bringing families together to listen to Numeroff talk about families.

“No one is pushing book sales, nor is it a requirement of attendance at this free event,” Wells said, explaining that while Numeroff will sign books after her readings, she will sign books that her fans have brought with them, not just the books available for purchase.

“We’re just hoping this will lift spirits in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin,” he said.

Would I Trade My Parents? by Laura Numeroff, illus. by James Bernardin. Abrams, $16.95 Oct. ISBN 978-0-8109-0637-2

What Brothers Do Best/What Sisters Do Best (flip book) by Laura Numeroff, illus. by Lynn Munsinger. Chronicle, $15.99 Sept. ISBN 978-0-8118-6545-6

PegFinley_pic As a Michigan resident for many years, I’ve seen first-hand how tough the times have been. I salute this tour, Author Laura Numeroff, and Publishers Abrams and Chronicle. It is not the choice most parents like to make. But, feeding your family has to come first. It is super to see that this author and her publishers are making the effort to cheer up Michigan families. My hat goes off to them.

Jessica 010As a critique group moderator, I sometimes send my groups an exercise to spark their creativity. In the exercise, I select three words at random and make a first line or paragraph of a story using those three words.

Here is an example of one for a young adult story/submission starter.

The three words that I selected were: Startled, Shattering, and Stomach.

     Startled, Meghan twirled toward the shattering glass. Gasping, her  hands grasped her stomach. The thing she has always feared would happen stood before her.

2008_0827Image0005 They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

What thousand words would you come up with for this beauty?

Each writer who chose to write something about a picture like this writes from their experiences. Use what you know, and if you can’t then just imagine what can be going on. Something as simple as trying to find a baseball can spark a great story.

gatorCan you think of a story that could be made from this simple graphic? Ask yourself the five w’s?

What about this one?   coyoteThis simple coyote has a devilish grin that might be a great story starter. Let your imagination run wild.

Need another one to get the creative juices rolling? guy_4 How about this one? Who is this boy? What is this boy thinking? Why are his hands on his hips? Where is he at? How will he solve the conflict that is on his mind? When will that happen? It is up to the writer to make their story come to life.


  Angela Hoy is one of the most successful writer/entrepreneur in the writing field. I look forward to receiving her newsletter. 

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peg080707[1]                     Good Avro, Jackeroo and Jilleroos.

Throw out your swag and stay a while.  Tucker is almost ready.

Fill up your billy and sit back and enjoy the barbie.

A new (pretend) Aussie.

What did I just say?  Basically, I invited the cowboys and cowgirls to throw out their bedroll, fill up their tin can with their tea and enjoy the barbecue. 

There was a time when I would have bulked at going to the library to do research. I hated doing research. Now I sit and savor the times that I can find a quiet place and a comfy chair as I look through a kids’ magazine. Today, I even learned a few words that are used by Aussies in the process.

As I browsed through Kids Discover Australia,  I was amazed at how much information the magazine had in it. I learned several new facts about Australia’s unique habitats/animals.

I discovered several ideas that can be elaborated on and developed for a magazine article or two as well as enjoyed my reading time.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find tucked on one of the shelves when you take the time to visit your local library.


I am an aspiring picturebook writer with some magazine credits just no picture book contract yet. I know it is coming and I am more than willing to work for it.

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